HR Focus Summit: Programme

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08:00 — 08:30 | Registration desk opens & breakfast is served

Unlocking Human Potential Through Organisational Design

Discovering the optimal organizational and process structures to get the most and the best from your employees

  • Performance Management - how to drive vertical and horizontal alignment between your KPI’s and targets
  • Which competencies (SKA’s) are required – What size and type of team do you need? When do you need them? What type of recruitment and development plans should you put in place?
  • Taking a structured approach to unlocking human potential now and how to set-up and drive continuous improvement within your organisation

09:15 — 09:45 | Networking Break

Power to the Employee: A New Approach to Workforce Planning

A transparent, collaborative employee-centric approach to Workforce Planning. How can you gather new data to understand your employees better and answer questions such as:

  • What are our biggest skills gaps?
  • What should our workforce look like in the future?
  • How can you get an honest and accurate picture of your internal and external Talent Pool?

The Role of Global Mind-Set in Developing Global Leaders

Global leaders with “Global mind-sets” are the key to a sustainable competitive advantage in the global economy.

  • What skills and capabilities does a global leader need?
  • What best practice development opportunities can organisations provide to their global leader talent pool?

10:15 — 10:45 | Networking Break

Effective Leadership at all Levels of the Organisation

Effective Leadership is paramount in todays unstable economic backdrop. With less labour resources it is imperative that our leaders lead and do so effectively in order to positively contribute to the bottom line of the business.

  • Methods to achieve Effective Leadership at all levels of the Organisation
  • What does this look like?
  • What is the outcome on the overall performance of the business?

Employee Experience Management – Driving a consumer first behavior in employee engagement!

In the age of collaborative networks, fast open communications, information at fingertips and always on – always connected behavior of people, should HR also adopt a new approach on how it engages its people?

11:15 — 11:45 | Networking Break

Digital Transformation: The future of work

True digital transformation is more than just putting technology in place. It heralds a revolution where long standing business models will be disrupted and where organisations and individuals will have to invest in, and master new ways of working that will reshape the world of work.

HR can play a leading role in helping the organisation and individuals adapt to this new digital reality where mastering a more volatile fast and complex world will determine whether an organisation will turn adversity into opportunity and disruption into competitive advantage.  HR can be the catalyst but could it also prove to be the ball and chain that holds the company back? What will this new world look like?

Enhancing Staff Engagement and Performance with Motivational Maps. 

The session will cover the concept of Motivational Maps, explain the benefits of using them in organisations and demonstrate the link between motivation and performance. 

We will look at individual, team and organisation maps and refer to some case studies.

12:15 — 13:00 | Lunch

A Radical New Approach to  Improving Performance

As our stakeholders push for improved performance across all areas of the business we need to find innovative ways of connecting with our employees. In this session explore:

  • An integrated and holistic approach to employee performance which is proving successful
  • A new way of ‘thinking and doing’ to achieve outstanding business results
  • Designed to improve performance of individuals and teams
  • A modern process using technologically advanced tools and proven practices
  • Aligned with a competency framework created from strategic imperatives, cultural attributes, and employee engagement drivers

What’s the silver bullet of Employee Engagement

During this session we will discover and discuss what really is the silver bullet of Employee Engagement? We will explore -

  • Data analysis or paralysis – how do we find meaning in the data delivered by a survey
  • How do you embed ownership for engagement outside of the HR function
  • The art of the quick win

13:30 — 14:00 | Networking Break

Moving in the fast lane - Linking Human Capabilities to the Business Strategy

Learn how HR is taking the fast lane in moving from being a transactional partner to being a strategic partner to the business by:

  • Engaging business leaders in discussing future needs for human capabilities based on an outside-in approach
  • Implementing HR processes ensuring that the business will act proactively on HR matters and that HR will act proactively on the business agenda
  • Ensuring individual Performance and Development Dialogues are directly linked to business requirements
  • Providing managers with tools to improve human performance
  • Implementing a global IT system providing data and transparency on the development of human capabilities
  • Taking one step at the time – and sometimes one back!

Cascading coaching skills or how to positively affect the business

After an extensive change programme, Acal started 9 months ago the journey of being intentional about integrating a coaching culture as a company wide approach to grow skills, increase engagement, retention and performance in a positive and pro-active manner.Creating awareness and engagement with the senior team was the first steps on the journey.Growing the coaching capabilities of our managers across the business is now the second phase of the journey, in which the managers learn, apply, reflect and grow both personally and professionally. Initial changes of accountability, attitudes and engagement are noticeable, with for example the Internal Sales team now generating sales opportunities, instead of just following up quotes. 

14:30 — 15:00 | Networking Break


Closing Keynote Panel Debate

Join our panel to discuss in an open forum 'What is Next For HR?' During this session we will discuss -

  • Key trends to look out for in 2018
  • Fundamental challenges that will need to be faced
  • How can we embrace innovation to take our organisations forward

16:15 — 17:00 | Complimentary Drinks Reception