CMO Focus Summit: Programme

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08:00 — 08:30 | Registration desk opens & breakfast is served

Panel Debate : How to measure the success of your content marketing

Measurement and ROI has been identified by the Content Marketing Association as one of the major issues facing the industry now and in the future. The CMA panel will discuss how to develop and measure your content campaigns to plan for success; which key performance indicators are right for your brand and how to develop the business case for content marketing within your organisation.


Catherine Maskell

Karen Williams

Kirsty Spencer

Brooklyn Bateman

Chelsea Blacker

09:15 — 09:45 | Networking Break

The fight against disposable content

When was the last time you read, heard or saw something that stayed with you long afterwards? Chances are you consumed somebody's content as recently as five minutes ago. Yet deriving lasting value from that content is increasingly rare. Turtl CEO Nick Mason is a man on a mission to help marketing teams create content that lasts and will ask his audience to join him in his Campaign Against Disposable Content.

Key Takeaways -

  • How to create valuable content
  • Which content metrics matter
  • How to streamline your content workflow
  • Join the fight against disposable content

Speaker - Nick Mason

10:15 — 10:45 | Networking Break

Multichannel Marketing – Combining Science & Creativity for Rockstar Results

Modern marketing strategy in today’s organisations requires an approach combining a careful balance of creative and customer focused execution, together with an analytically driven and results orientated methodology. In this session, Chris Willman will explore what makes up that perfect approach, the elements to consider in order to optimise each piece of the puzzle and how you can deliver a scientific and data driven demand generation model that still excites and engages the customer.


The importance of customer and market understanding in order to deliver messaging and mechanics that stand out.
The fundamentals behind building an effective, results driven and methodical demand generation engine across multiple channels.
Optimising content and tactic selection against the customer lifecycle for optimal engagement and conversion.

Speaker - Chris Willman

Predictive Analytics in ABM Marketing

Predictive Analytics has become a vital part of the business world and marketing is another area that should leverage its power. This workshop will show how, by using recent technology and the concept of intent marketing, we can monitor our prospects’ digital footprint to identify what stages of interest they are showing and apply re-targeting to offer them what they need.

Speaker - Joanna Zabinska


Key Takeaways -

  • Marketing doesn’t need to be based on guesswork anymore and should instead be based on data
  • ABM combined with predictive analytics are key to addressing what your accounts need
  • Contemporary marketing campaigns should incorporate different parts of tech platforms for success

11:15 — 11:45 | Networking Break

Engaging Gen Z : How to win with the next generation of consumers.

This session looks at the next big demographic coming through : Gen-Z. 


In this presentation we will look at : 

  • The impact the last big demographic had on branding and marketing to understand the impact the next generation might have.
  • The new generation coming through, their traits and commonly held beliefs. What they’re into and what resonates with them and what this means for brand marketers. Ways brands can start to think about engaging this audience.

Speaker - Coris Leachman

12:15 — 13:00 | Lunch

Global Trends & their implications

A snapshot of the macro global trends that Ipsos has identified through talking to 18,000 consumers and citizens in 23 countries, both developed and emerging, about their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

This session explores some of the key mega trends such as increased concern around security and the data economy; how the rise of tech and complexity is driving a search for simplicity and control; the importance of trust in a post-truth era; and the role of sustainability and brand purpose in building strong brands.

Speaker - Lucy Burnham

Is Marketing just an Art, a Science?

Marketing is about content. It needs to be original, entertaining, creative and remarkable. The art form of good marketing consciously and unconsciously creates engagement by playing on emotions and creating involvement between consumers and the advertising. Scientific theories, formulas and research can be used to discover consumer wants that need to be met. There are many different types of communication marketing tools e.g. advertising, sales promotion, events, direct mail and public relations. However marketing efforts should support sales strategy plan first, right? It's not just the implementation that companies should worry about. Get know some best practices of creating marketing activities that support sales and what kind of mistakes to avoid.

Speaker - Renata Kaminska

13:30 — 14:00 | Networking Break

Do brands need counselling?

People treat themselves more and more as brands. Brands pretend to achieve a personal status to wider audiences. In the drastically changed social landscape of these recent years, consumer brands are facing an era-defining challenge of identity, purpose and differentiation. Do brands need counselling? Do we turn to cosmetic intervention or social psychology, in the quest of helping consumer brands regaining their appeal?

Speaker - Valeria Borgia

Planning for success

Using the research and development gained from the CMA brand and agency survey, we will be offering guidance and insights into the how, what and when is required when developing a content marketing campaign or strategy for your brand. 
Take a ways
1. Understand the value of metrics and which ones to use
2. Understand what a stakeholder dashboard should look like verses a live campaign board
3. Understand the long and short-term benefits of developing an integrated Content marketing campaign

Speaker - Catherine Maskell


14:30 — 15:00 | Networking Break

The Content Tree – from Seeds to Branches, content marketing in B2B

Content is king as many would say. The challenges of originating, creating and disseminating in B2B marketing can be manifold, especially in professional services, partner-led environments. In this session, Leor Franks will discuss a simple model that can be used to encourage time poor partners to engage in content led marketing – The Content Tree.

Key Takeaways -

  • Seeds & Roots: techniques for agreeing a hypothesis and getting buy-in to an idea;
  • Shoots & Trunk: tools for developing initial drafts and getting sign-off on core material;
  • Branches: options for making the most of agreed outputs in today’s multi-channel world.

Speaker - Leor Franks

GDPR- How the landscape has changed


On May 25th 2018 GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation came into force providing customers with the power to have more control on their own data; what they want and from whom. Ultimately, reminding marketeers of the importance of engaged and timely contact strategies and the power for customers to actually remove themselves from the endless marketing loop we all know you can get stuck in. This is an interactive session where we can share experiences, the strategies that were in place (how many of us were really ready?), the impact it has had on our respective businesses and how do we plan for future success.

Speaker - Sarah Young


Campaign in a box: defining an end to end digital journey for demand generation

The core element for any digital B2B marketer is to define what journey their target audience will undertake across multiple touch points of their digital campaigns. As research indicates, 57% of the buying decision cycle is already completed digitally before any prospect engages with any vendor. Hence marketing managers need ensure their digital presence results in the strategic persuasion of any contact that interacts with their campaigns, messages or any other form of digital presence.

In this session we will explore how multiple channels, touch points and engagements can be mapped in an automated manner for a campaign to define the ideal digital customer journey for any target audience.

Key Takeaways -

  • Digital campaign planning workflows
  • Defining an optimal digital journey
  • Analysing results and tweaking campaigns

Speaker - Rohan Shams

Cross Border Content and Native Brand Management

During this session we will discuss -

Defining International Markets/Opportunities through segmenting and market research
Central campaigns and content (UK HQ) v Local campaigns and content (In-country/territory) – working out the balance, avoiding the tensions
Multilingual content types and Native Brand Voice
Global Content within the framework of eCommerce.

Key Takeaways -

How to create global content – best practice for creation and management of all digital assets
List of considerations for central v local ownership of campaigns and content
How to drive Native Brand Voice alongside Global consistency - checklist
List of current technologies in this space

Speaker - Paul Mangell

16:15 — 17:00 | Complimentary Drinks Reception