CIO Focus Summit: Programme

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08:00 — 08:30 | Registration desk opens & breakfast is served

Opening Keynote - The Digital Transformation Wave

David Terrar will set the scene by giving his perspective on the new landscape of emerging technologies and business capabilities.  We live in a time of exponential change and disruption.  Everyone's talking digital transformation, but is what we are dealing with really digital and totally transformative?  David explains it as the digital enterprise wave, discusses the management shift and mindset required to support it.  He suggests some key ingredients to consider and specific recommendations to help make sense of it.

Speaker - David Terrar

09:15 — 09:45 | Networking Break

Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Cloud for Smarter Business

Built for all your applications, AI Ready and Secure to the Core.
Delivering an open, and flexible architecture that adapts to your specific business needs
Leading in comprehensive security and compliance, integrating to more cloud models
Delivering unified governance and AI for all you data and proven methods and to tools to help you create cloud native apps

IT Resilience: Re-defining Data Protection & Backup

The Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ is the industry first offering to
converge backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility solutions
into a single, simple, scalable platform. By moving from
periodical-based backup processes to a continuous process,
backup can better meet today’s 24/7 demands of no data loss
or downtime. Zerto 7 will use its core Continuous Data
Protection (CDP) and journaling technology to deliver seconds
of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) at scale, from seconds to

  • One single solution for all your data protection needs
  • Learn how to manage your data more efficiently
  • Be ready for any type of disruption, planned or unplanned, so you can mitigate the risk of downtime & focus on the projects that drive transformation


10:15 — 10:45 | Networking Break

Future of AI

Adam regularly speaks about the future of AI - using quirky and engaging anecdotes, examples and frameworks to explain what it is, what it is not, and what impact it will have on individuals, organisations and society at large. Adam also discusses innovation in the context of AI, and questions whether typical organisational structures and process are setup to attract, retain and empower AI talent.

Finally, Adam touches on AI applications both externally and within organisations, including how it's being used to decentralise decision making, and even set salaries. Adam has recently keynoted for Google, GSK, Pearson, Orange, CineEurope and ImpactAI - and recently won 'best speaker' when presenting his published paper on the impact of AI on branding in New York.

Speaker - Adam West


Synchronised Security

Synchronized Security is a best-of-breed security system that enables your defences to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect against. It combines an intuitive security platform with solutions that actively work together to block advanced threats, giving you unparalleled protection, automated incident response, and real-time insight and control. Unlike disparate point products that breed complexity with each additional layer, the more Sophos solutions you have, the more you benefit from Synchronized Security.

Synchronised Security enables endpoint and network protection to operate as one integrated security system comprised of products that share a common interface and bi- directionally exchange real-time information in order to respond automatically to threats.

  • Operational cost saving
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Cyber risk mitigation
  • Improved productivity
  • Complete estate visibility
  • Enhanced profile of IT within the business

11:15 — 11:45 | Networking Break



‘New nudges’ - The next evolution in customer influence

Global mobile traffic has doubled in the last two years. Given how much data we all share daily, isn’t it reasonable to expect tailored experiences that genuinely enhance our lives? We have evidence that personalised suggestions engage customers better. In a 2017 study of UK fashion brands, sites with the best recommendations generated 140% more page views per visit. Surely it’s time that we starting using the power of data and technology to improve all our digital interactions?

‘Nudge theory’ was first proposed in 2008, and won the Nobel economics prize in 2017 for author Richard Thaler. ‘New nudges’ build on the theory’s principles of behavioural economics and choice architecture, by adding a new layer of data and technology capability. As we get better at using machine learning to turn customer data into predictions, the power of ‘new nudges’ will increase. It won’t be long before AIs are crafting experiences for specific individuals and groups. And closer collaboration between humans and machines will enable us to engage and influence customers in currently unimaginable ways.

‘New nudges’ represent the next generation of behaviour change through intelligent influence. And they enhance digital experiences by harnessing the collective power of data and technology.

Speaker - Alastair Cole

Delivering the future of customer care: How to meet customer expectations with Cognitive solutions


Customer service is often the first place AI is introduced into a business, often with spectacular results. The ease and success of the next steps to modernise service delivery with AI however, depend on the choices taken in that initial project. What are the options available and which is the best route for your journey to a truly cognitive business?

This roundtable will examine the state of AI today and how it can be applied to truly revolutionise
your business

12:15 — 13:00 | Lunch

“Lets get real when its not all plain sailing.”

After undertaking a large scale IOT implementation into over 100 factories across the UK. Mihran will be discussing the real business outcomes and some of the struggles faced through the implementation process

Speaker - Mihran Hovnanian

13:30 — 14:00 | Networking Break

Agile vs efficient

This Presentation will focus on how business and technology teams needs to be effective (agile) versus efficient (hierarchical). Taking a less technological approach and focusing more on the psychology and physiology of why it's important.

Based on Gartner research, the book Sapiens and Team of Teams.

Speaker - Paul Brown


14:30 — 15:00 | Networking Break

Digital Transformation – what is it really about?

In this presentation Harvey will discuss what Digital Transformation should really be about and how the focus for strategic IT leaders needs to move from the technology and embrace the business and cultural changes that business are expecting.

Speaker - Harvey Durrant

Closing Remarks from David Terrar 

In this session David will summarise the the content and the key take aways from todays CIO Focus Summit with a few closing remarks. 

David will also open this session up for Questions & Answers for those who have any questions from any of workshops that have taken place throughout the day.

16:15 — 17:00 | Complimentary Drinks Reception