5 Minutes with...Kathryn Emerson - Group Marketing Manager, Eurobase International


A series of quick fire questions with our Delegate attendees. Today we have Kathryn Emerson - Group Marketing Manager, Eurobase International

What is the best part of your job?
The creativity and team ethos.

What is your current biggest challenge?
Getting approvals from decision makers.

How do you see the Marketing Function evolving?
To become more and more automated and DA/BI focused.  Inbound will become even more important as data collection and retention becomes more regulated and email marketing loses its impact as postal marketing did because of the volume of junk.

Thought leadership, although already important, will consume a bigger role and I think more generic brand awareness in important world issues, such as recycling and environmental health, will become more widely used to show organisations aren’t just thinking of themselves and going for the hard sell.

Share some tools and techniques you've learned in the past year?
The adobe creative cloud product suite for collateral creation and design. I’m not sure if it really counts as a technique, but delegation and working as a team.  Learning to rely on and trust others around you and that you can’t do everything yourself.

What leadership techniques do you employ to motivate your team to achieve success?
Freedom in creativity and flexibility and trust in the working environment.

Who is your professional inspiration and why?
My mum – she gave up her career to be a mum.  After going back to work after a 8 year break and working her way up the ladder, at the age of 50, after her children no longer relied on her so heavily, she took the leap to start her own business and has grown it on reputation and hard work.  She has made me realise anything is possible at any time in your life.  You just need belief in yourself and perseverance.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? 
I don’t drive very often and when I do it is generally only short distances.  I think mainly about what chores I have to do and what’s next in my crazy life.   However I do spend 2 hours a day travelling on the train.  In my time on the train I like to do the crossword in the newspaper and I have started learning French using the Duo Lingo app.