5 Minutes with...Bob Docherty - CIO, QTM Global


A series of quick fire questions with our Delegate attendees. Today we have Bob Docherty, CIO at QTM Global.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the people I meet; manage and interact with. The diversity of skillsets; experience; knowledge & interests makes each interaction unique. At one time, earlier in my career when these things were exciting I might have said that my job gave me the opportunity to travel the world, but even that becomes a chore eventually.

What is your current biggest challenge?

With QTM doing both staff augmentation and consultancy, it is finding the people with the right skills for today’s market. There are a limited number of people out there with experience of digital transformation; agile etc and the pressure on many if not all organisations to embrace those concepts is leading to a shortage of skilled resource.

How do you see the IT Function evolving?

Given the pressure on organisations to be more agile; to deliver change quicker and respond to an ever changing market where consumers have 24/7 access to technology, there is greater pressure on IT departments not just to use new tools but to embrace new technologies.

  • The emerging and developing technologies include IoT where everyday devices are becoming more ‘smart’ and can interact;
  • The growth of data where stored data is doubling every year has allowed AI to advance quickly over the last couple of years. The more data that an AI system has access to the quicker it can learn and the more accurate it becomes;
  • 3D Printing allows for much greater customisation of products without worrying about economies of scale;
  • Exponential growth in computer power is still there although it has slowed; with the concept of quantum computing out there we just need someone to develop a commercial computer which will deliver speeds millions of times faster than we are seeing today;
  • The use of Automation continues to grow with some recent reports suggestion that 47% of jobs in the USA are under or will become under threat in the next few years;
  • The continuing use of platforms has seen pressure on the tradition Data Centre services offered by Systems integrators and this will continue;
  • Blockchain, we are all aware of that.

Share some tools and techniques you've learned in the past year?

Much of my time in the last year has been spent in mentoring and guiding towards successful Digital Delivery with tools like Scrum; Kanban; Jira; Eclipse; Jenkins; Strider

What leadership techniques do you employ to motivate your team to achieve success?

Set clear goals; make sure everyone understands their role and how it fits in the overall delivery objective; ensure that the skills and resources required are available; treat everyone with respect; know your people;

Who is your professional inspiration and why?

Some 20+ years ago I had the privilege to spend time with a number of senior people at our biggest IT Corporations including John Chambers (CISCO); Carly Fiorino (HP); Larry Ellison (Oracle); Jonathan Schwartz (SUN) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), of all of those without a doubt the most impressive and from whom I learned a significant amount was Steve Ballmer. He was managing the largest IT company in the world and every single employee new their role in that company; what their part was in the overall objectives and how to utilise resources to the maximum effect.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Rarely about work, I am a big music fan and I am usually immersed in my music of choice for that day; be it Jazz; Soul; Bob Dylan; Elvis Presley; Rock wherever the mood takes me.