5 Minutes with....Nick Bleech - Head of IT Security, Travis Perkins


A series of quick fire questions with our Delegate attendees. Today we have Nick Bleech, Head of Information Security at Travis Perkins.

What is the best part of your job?

My team, my key stakeholders, and making a difference for our customers

What is your current biggest challenge?

Our business sector is now as tough as it was in 2008 so we have to respond accordingly

How do you see the IT Function evolving?

By focusing on the distinctive capabilities to delight your customers, eliminate inefficiencies and grow the bottom line. Generic one size fits all (also known as let's throw IT stuff at the wall and see what sticks!) won't hack it.

Share some tools and techniques you've learned in the past year?

I learn every day, but lately I've benefited from positive thinking and all that goes with it.

What leadership techniques do you employ to motivate your team to achieve success?

My leadership hero is the Canadian Ice Hockey coach Wayne Gretzky - there are plenty of good sports leadership role models (and as many dire ones!) but Wayne's my favourite for tips and techniques to develop an apparent 'sixth sense'

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

How happy I am to be alive and benefitting my nearest and dearest. Onward and upward.